The rendering is for reference only. The colour, materials, fittings, finishes, appliance, furniture, decorative items, plant, landscaping and other objects shown are not standard provisions, and may not necessarily appear in the Development. Surrounding buildings and environment of the Development are omitted. The rendering does not reflect the actual view of the Development or any part thereof. The surrounding environment, buildings and facilities of the Development will change from time to time. The render does not constitute any offer, undertaking, representation or warranty (whether express or implied).
The Vendor reserves the right to amend the building plans and other plans. The design of the Development shall be subject to the final approval of the relevant government departments.
The Vendor reserves the right to amend the fittings, finishes and appliances of the residential properties. The provision of fittings, finishes and appliances is subject to the provisions in the agreement for sale and purchase.
* The naming is for promotional purpose only and may not be used or appear in the building plans, assignments or other title or legal documents.